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Writing Update: 10/01/20

Guild of Blood is out in the world and I am eagerly waiting to sign with someone who will continue my journey to being published. In the meantime, I have been hard at work on the second installment in the Guild Series, Guild of Ice, as well as co-authoring a brand new contemporary witchy novel, Of Relics and Roses with Oil and Water author, Lara Ann Dominick

I am currently getting ready for #pitwars and #pitchwars, so it may be little quiet around here till September is over. In the meantime I leave you with the finalized version of the first chapter of Guild of Blood. Hope you enjoy.

The Shimmer

The Deathworm I could feel my restrictor getting tighter on my wrist as I took a second blow to the face from the Craic. He was taller than me, though perhaps not any stronger. But he was fast, much faster than someone who spent all of their time in graveyards and dungeons. I dodged aContinue reading “The Shimmer”


Spring I was born under a full moon, which in my culture was meant to indicate good luck in life. My family weren’t superstitious by any means, but there was something about a moon child that made everyone a little keen to believe in the mythical. In my village, they held moon festivals every month,Continue reading “Sparrowsong”

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