I was born under a full moon, which in my culture was meant to indicate good luck in life. My family weren’t superstitious by any means, but there was something about a moon child that made everyone a little keen to believe in the mythical. In my village, they held moon festivals every month, and those of us who were deemed to be lucky were paraded about the town in orante garb and splashed in champagne. A ritual that was meant to bring luck to all those who bore witness to it.

There was certainly nothing particularly special about me, I was perfectly average in every conceivable way for a fae folk, elves as outsiders called us. I was of the Fayrin, in the country of Osenree, made of the fairer stock. My parents were weavers, who made a comfortable living selling tapestries and rugs all across the Shoterran continent. I had a brother, Rhygil, and a sister, Maryah, and we lived in a large country home by the sea. One big, happy, normal family.

As we grew into maturity, our parents trained us to be weavers too. As were all the generations of our family, back and back and back. A simple, quiet life, for simple quiet folk.

No, there was certainly never anything particularly special about me, which made what lay before me, even more unlikely.



My head was spinning as I tried to survey exactly how much blood I had lost. The wretch certainly had taken a good chunk out of my leg, but that’s just how it was with fighting hellborns. The beast was across from me, having taken just as much damage from my blades, Nox and Lumin. It was huffing a fine mist of blood into the air, and one of it’s eyeballs hung down onto its cheek. I tried to get to my feet and failed, realizing there must be severe muscle damage.

“Well you bastard. Looks like you really did a number on me.” The demon bellowed an ear splitting roar and I tucked my head against my shoulder to block out some of the noise. “Can’t you just make this easy on me? I kill you, you go back to whichever of the nine hells you came from, and we both get to be out of this shithole.”

I watched in frustration as the creature’s form began to morph, and its flesh migrated across it, closing up some of the lesser wounds so that it could continue to fight. It was one of the more irritating things about spending your life fighting the monsters of the depths. They always seemed to have tricks up their sleeve that made their extermination exceedingly difficult.

“Fine then. Have it your way.”

I reach to the inside of my shirt, noticing a decent gash across my chest and torso. I tried not to look too closely, I was pretty sure I was looking at my own guts. I fumbled for a chain that I kept on me at all times. A chain which bore the symbol of my master, my secret advantage. I pressed it to my lips and whispered into the green and white crystals.

“Master, grant me your protection and divine guidance. Allow me your strength as I send this demon back to its rightful plane of existence.”

A twinkle of light sparked from the totem and I felt a heat ripple across my hands as they came to life with holy energy. The creature began to make a noise akin to a kettle’s whistle and back away slowly, its black, slimy flesh beginning to burn where the light was touching it.

“That’s it big boy, now hold still. This won’t hurt at all.”

With every ounce of strength I had left I lifted Nox and Lumin above my head, pressing the hilts together and using my divine assistance to fuse the two into a long, steel blade, accented with rubies and emeralds. 


I used its sturdiness to get me on my feet and, despite the degradation in my right leg, propelled myself forward with a great lunge. I raised my blade to the highest extent I could manage and, in one fell swoop, brought it down cleanly on the demon’s form. I had no idea where a neck might exist on this thing, so the best I could do was to cleave it in half. And I did exactly that.

Shrieking and howling, the creature fizzed and began to melt away, turning into a puddle of dark, oily flesh and gore. I dropped Lunamorder at my feet and  heard it split in two as Nox and Lumin became their own entities once more, and I hobbled to the nearest wall, collapsing belly first onto the stony cavern floor.

Most people who die in my condition. Most people didn’t have a pact for all eternity with my master. Most people wouldn’t welcome death as a friend. But I most certainly would have.

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